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Read The Bible In A Year

September 29th, 2007

»Plan to read the Bible in a year with links to eBible, BibleGateway, and the NASB study site.


The Bible Is A Great, Big Book.

The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books, divided into the Old and New Testaments. Christians believe that both are the Word of God, and Jews believe the same of the Old Testament. It is a narrative of God’s relationship with man. It is filled with wisdom, songs, poetry, history, promises, epic struggles, and, ultimately, the road to salvation from our failures. That’s good stuff. The best stuff.

The Bible Is Really Long

Reading through the Bible can be tough. Worthy, to be sure, but it can be a struggle at times. There are thousands of pages covering a dizzying array of names, laws, history, prophecies, songs, stories, parables, and so on.

I’ve started reading through several times; gotten quite a ways a couple times, not so far other times. The New Testament is easier to read, but refers to the Old Testament enough that you lose a lot of context by beginning with the NT.

A Year-Long Reading Plan

There are plenty of reading plans out there, most focusing on a year, occasionally three years.

The Bible is more easily read offline, but having an online plan is helpful in that there are a wide array of study resources online. So, the plan has 365 days, each listed with a reference to a bit of the Bible. Each Scripture reference is linked to an online site.

BibleYear has a nice plan that links each day to BibleGateway, but I normally use eBible or the NASB study site.

Using jQuery To Manipulate Links

Using static links, I found it tough to choose a Bible site to which to link. eBible has a nice modern interface and has easy parallel reading and other study features. BibleGateway is familiar to many, and has a wide array of commentaries and other study resources. The NASB study site provides word study and translation features, along with parallel reading of the Amplified Bible.

So, with jQuery, a very nice Javascript framework, I hooked it up to link to all three, or open all three in tabs. Also it uses cookies to remember which of the four choices you last picked.

Basically, the links at the top choose which site to use, and click-handlers intercept the clicks on Scripture references and re-route to the selected site (or open all three in new tabs).

Anyway, now I’ve got a more flexibly-linked read the Bible in a year plan. It still begins on January 1st, though. Since it’s almost October, a plan that starts in January isn’t as helpful as it should be. Maybe I’ll update that.

  • Read The Bible In One Year
  • So, Will A Reading Plan Help?

    I am pretty sure a reading plan will help me make it all the way through the Bible.

    The online study resources — digging a little deeper — will also help, but ultimately, commitment and “just doing it” are more important.

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