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Samsung Blackjack

June 4th, 2007

»Got a refurbished Samsung Blackjack from Cingular. It had a charging problem but still...


After using a Sony-Ericsson W600i for about a year, I spilled some Vitamin Water on it and the buttons got a bit sticky, providing me a great excuse to upgrade my phone.

Some online comparisons later, I decided on a Samsung Blackjack and ordered it refurbished from Cingular. Actually, I ordered it through work and on the web, so coupled with it being refurbished, it was in the ballpark of $25.

(Update: What do I think after having the Blackjack for six months?)

Blackjack Battery Troubles

Though it arrived the next day and activation was a snap, charging was… not so much. The online reviews I had read were mostly glowing, it was nearly unanimous that the Blackjack battery life was pathetic, so I was prepared for some battery problems. However, I could not even charge a battery if it was in the phone.

The helpful neighborhood Cingular (AT&T, whatever) store quickly diagnosed my new-old cell phone as suffering from a case of “not working,” and arranged for yet another refurbished Blackjack to be sent out. (They couldn’t do an in-store swap of a new phone for a refurbished phone. Dang it.)

Anyhow, everything else seems to work, and the included battery charging gizmo charges just fine. Since it came with two batteries, I can manage until my new new-old phone arrives.

Samsung Blackjack Features

If you don’t know, the Blackjack is a Windows Mobile smartphone with a backlit QWERTY keyboard, interweb, email, and all that hooey. It does IR, quad-band GSM/EDGE, G3, MP3, XM, and R2D2. It’s got a 1.3 megapixel camera that doubles as a VGA camcorder. It can handle up to six active Bluetooth 2.0 connections, and does Java to boot.

The Blackjack has a small internal memory capacity. However, it will accept a micro SD card in a handy slot located on the right side. I picked up a 2 GB Sandisk Micro SD card, available at Amazon for about $20. For what it’s worth, a micro SD card is very-very incredibly micro. It’s the size of a fingernail. A small fingernail.

Amazon’s Atomic Scale

Though a bit larger than your typical cellphone, it’s thin and light. Weight-wise, I thought it was 3.5 ounces, but according to Amazon, as you can see in the image to the right, the Blackjack weighs 3.49982363315697 ounces. So, what do you know, it’s even lighter than I thought.


All in all, the Samsung Blackjack is a pretty cool phone. A smidge larger than I wanted but it’s got a full keyboard and is smaller and lighter than a PDA or Blackberry.

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