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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

March 30th, 2008

»WordPress 2.5 is available. Is it worth installing? Is it the greatest thing ever?


WordPress 2.5 Arrives

After months of testing and teasing, WordPress 2.5 is finally available. It has changed dramatically.

Oh, What the Heck

Throwing caution to the wind, I blindly upgraded this site to 2.5. So far, no problems have cropped up. In fact, at the moment everything seems fine (of course, let me know if you discover otherwise).

A Simple WordPress Upgrade?

After the tedious upgrade to WordPress 2.3, I fully expected something to crash and burn, particularly since 2.5 is such a significant change. Thankfully, it was boring and quick. Clicked “Upgrade WordPress,” then “Continue,” and it was done.

So What’s New in WP 2.5?

The changes are covered exhaustively by the WordPress team and countless others, but these are the things that I noticed after playing around with it for a few minutes.

  • The redesigned admin interface is different and much improved.
  • The Media Gallery is a snazzy way to add images, music, videos, etc. That is, if you like doing it that way. I tend to shy away from these automated code-creator gizmos in favor of hand-coding things.
  • The Dashboard looks great with its new design. The important stuff is arranged in a more intelligent, top down fashion.
  • Smoother WYSIWYG editing is included, as far as I can tell. Normally I don’t use this much but it’s nice to see it improving.
  • Full-screen editing is just a feature of the editor, but deserves an item of its own. It’s a nice touch, though I wish it was available in the plain HTML editor. Dark Room style editing, sans brick-a-brack, is great.
  • Permalink display is handy. At the top of the post the permalink that will be created is displayed, and an inline editing feature is included. One bug, however, is that once you edit the permalink, you are stuck with a manually-edited permalink. I.e. if you subsequently think of a better post title, you will have to manually edit the permalink to reflect the new title.
  • Tag entry is still a pain. There should be a list of existing tags from which to choose (by clicking on them, preferably).
  • Category entry has taken a step backwards, in my opinion. To enter a new category, you have to click “+Add New Category,” enter the category name, then click another Add button (or hit Enter). Kind of picky but it’s one more fussy thing getting in the way.
  • A Gallery of sorts is supported. Upload images, include a [ gallery ] tag, and your images will be linked… or something like that. I am feeling underwhelmed, but maybe that’s just me.

WordPress 2.5 Screenshots

If you’re curious, here are some screenshots of the new WP 2.5 Admin interface.

Overall Impressions of WordPress 2.5

Well, compared to version 2.3, this looks quite a bit better. Best thing since sliced bread? No, not so much. But, amusing diversion for a couple hours? Sure.

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